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Comparative characteristics of precision casting form

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2018/07/24 01:48
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Metal materials in precision casting companies are primarily stemmed from purchased materials and waste casting and casting head of the company. Purchased metals are usually laden in bulk and few are pressed to cylinders. Materials of different textures tend to be mixed up, for example, 316 materials are mixed with 304 or 430 materials. So precision casting companies should try purchasing materials pressed to cylinders and conduct analysis on chemical components of each batch of procured materials with spectrum analyzer. If conditions allow it, they should make a field investigation on the suppliers to assess whether their materials are identified, protected and stored under quarantine.
Derusting, degreasing, cleaning and drying disposal needs to be done on waste steel (waste casting, casting head) of the company to control S and P component. Moreover, waste steel of different textures should be identified, protected and stored in quarantine and cannot be mixed up.
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