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Values and Culture

Values and Culture

Values and Culture


Corporate Vision

Become the world's first instrument casting solution supplier, contributing to the development of the industry and social progress.


Enterprise Mission

Casting national brand, the interests of customers, to achieve staff material happiness and spiritual happiness.


Corporate Values

The customer is the first to overcome the difficulty of introspection, refinement, awe and altruism.


Enterprise Conscience Culture

Through the Yangming mind to learn conscience, awaken the spirit of the greater self, and achieve a happy, comfortable and fully enlightened life.

The company's conscience culture is the third thing for employees. It is hoped that employees can not only earn a salary and improve their skills on the platform of Haosen, but also learn to be successful through conscience culture, find the value of life, improve the quality of mind, achieve results in work and harmony in family, so as to achieve a happy, comfortable and even fully enlightened life.

Through online and offline learning, daily activities such as reflection meeting, mutual evaluation of values, and the construction of the most beautiful family, the cohesion of employees has been enhanced, and employees have a stronger sense of purpose, and they can integrate themselves into society and the country, and the relationship between employees and employees It is also more harmonious, and some employees have even learned how to educate their children and how to get along with their husband and wife through learning, and build a happy family.

Values and Culture