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Staff Development and Work Plan


Hao Sen Yangming Philosophy  College

The purpose of Hao Sen Philosophy  College is to enable employees to succeed in life through  the cultivation and learning of traditional Chinese culture, and to cultivate highly sophisticated professionals for the foundry industry. We set up in-house lecturer team, so that professional talents can be taught.


Innovation Incentive

In order to encourage employees to innovate, the company encourages employees to innovate in their positions through incentive policies such as cost savings, small changes, and golden ideas, which can not only improve their abilities but also bring better value to the company.


Talent Reserve

Hao Sen Company advocates that talents are the cornerstone of enterprise development. The company will recruit reserve cadres every year. At the same time, through talent inventory, it is found that talents who are willing to develop into cadre positions enter the talent pool, and reserve cadres are allowed to participate in enterprise management, mentoring and teaching at ordinary times, so as to provide more and better development opportunities for employees while reserving talents for the company.