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Shaanxi Province Foreign Trade and Economic Development Special Fund for Regional Coordinated Development Project Acceptance Passthrough Successfully

On August 24, 2023, with the close cooperation of experts at all levels and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, our company successfully held the acceptance meeting of Shaanxi Province's special fund for foreign trade and economic development regional coordinated development project. The construction period of the project is 18 months, mainly including the following four stages: preliminary design stage, equipment and materials bidding and procurement stage, equipment installation and commissioning stage, and trial production and operation stage.

The project funds are mainly used for the technological transformation of the industrialization of the whole casting intelligent manufacturing of precision instrument electronic housings. More than 50 sets of equipment are newly purchased on the basis of the original production. Through the intellectualization of the shell making process and the optimization of the processing technology of the numerical control processing process, the industrialization is achieved. The whole precision casting of the electronic housings is adopted for one-time molding. Through the precision processing of numerical control machine tools, the processing of electronic housing parts reaches 10000 pieces/year. During the preparation and construction of the project, our company strictly controls the project nodes in accordance with the plan, and the work of the project is effectively promoted and completed in accordance with the project plan.

Under the leadership of Wang Honggang, the expert group visited our company's various precision equipment and gave it a high evaluation. The smooth implementation of the project has laid a solid foundation for the development and growth of the enterprise.