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Xi'an Haosen Precision Casting Co., Ltd. Fire Safety Training

-- Prevention first, combination of prevention and elimination
In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of all employees in our company, fully popularize fire safety knowledge, and promote the company's fire safety publicity work, on February 21, the company invited the instructors of Zhong 'an Fire Detachment to carry out fire safety training lectures in the report hall on the fifth floor of the company. Before the training began, Chief Wu of the Quality Assurance Department made a brief training mobilization speech. At the same time, the training personnel also include management personnel of various departments, workshop employees, etc.
Combined with the fire cases that have occurred in recent years, the instructor vividly explained the importance of popularizing fire safety knowledge and improving fire awareness in the form of videos, pictures and text. At the same time, from "fire prevention", "fire fighting", "escape", and "self-rescue" A series of fire safety knowledge such as the formation process of the fire, the methods of self-rescue and escape, and the types and operation methods of fire extinguishers are introduced in detail. Participants were well educated and took detailed notes.
The fire protection knowledge in this lecture is profound and simple, and the cited cases are thought-provoking. All the staff have further enhanced their fire protection awareness and mastered basic fire protection knowledge and fire fighting skills.