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Xi'an Haosen Precision Casting Co., Ltd. Decisive Action Commendation Conference

Following the October 9, 2020 Dagan fourth quarter decisive action launch conference held in the past one month, today, that is, November 11, 2020, ushered in the fourth quarter of Dagan first commendation conference, attended by the chairman of the board Pan Jianyu, the ministers of the various divisions, departments of the bar chief and bar group members, Hao Sen company all employees.
At the beginning of the conference, Liu Yu of the finance department led the leaders of all departments and groups to take the oath to be loyal to their duties and perform their duties.

Secondly, Mao Na, the cost accountant of the finance department, will read out the October bar chief award according to the department, and the direct superior leaders of each bar group will personally present the award.
After the award is issued, the individual who has made outstanding contributions to the work, such as the benchmark, quality benchmark and performance benchmark of each department, will be commended and the honorary certificate will be issued.
At the end of the conference, the ranking of each factory department and functional department in October was announced. Chairman Pan Jianyu awarded the first honorary certificate and cash award and delivered an important speech!