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A tributary and automation:

Tracking components from start to finish, maintaining strict inventory, and reducing delivery time from 5-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks, we combine advanced processes, extensive flow and automation to provide you with better service. From the moment you ask us for a quote, with our leading DC and automation, to provide you with better service.


Faster delivery time full control:

In order to meet your delivery date, we usually advance the order date by a few days as the final delivery date, even if there is a risk, we can respond in a timely manner.

Quotation stage:From the identification of drawings to the arrangement of quotation information, full communication and record, and deliver the quotation to the customer within 3 days or less.

Development phase:Have professional engineering personnel to determine product quality, delivery standard, delivery date, delivery data, etc.

Production stage:We monitor all aspects of the project-personnel, equipment, status, inventory, in the system;

Logistics delivery:The information from quotation to delivery is completely complete, the perfection of ppap data and the packaging protection of samples, has been monitoring it to your loading and unloading.


Better control and coordination:

We have professional engineers to make inquiry drawings, analyze and identify material specifications, batch size, appearance status, product use environment, special testing items, etc. to establish relevant information for communication and confirmation at any time. Each process of the product can collect relevant information through the system at any time to grasp the progress and quality information status of the product at any time. We will refine the nodes of each product to the day, the production process and process conditions can be delivered in time to track parts to ensure that all stages of the product are in a controllable state to ensure customer quality and delivery.


Shorten the order cycle, timely delivery, no excess inventory:

We establish long-term inventory agreements with customers to ensure that inventory is at the highest and lowest water levels, and customers can pull demand at any time to ensure accurate, on-time delivery and product supply.